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To kick off the new year with added excitement, Marathi Katta Germany is presenting Kaleidoscope 2024

In celebration of Sanskranti, Pongal, Bihu, Lohri, and Uttarayan (names of Sankranti in various parts of India), the Marathi Katta team, in collaboration with Indian associations from Frankfurt, is organizing an Indian Food and Cultural Fest.

This event is not limited to the Marathi community but welcomes friends from other Indian communities and an international audience as well.

The venue for this vibrant gathering is Sallbau Griesheim, one of the largest facilities in Frankfurt.
* 1 PM to 4 PM: Sanskranti event for the Maharashtrian community
* 4 PM to 9 PM: Indian Food and Cultural Festival open to everyone

**Entry Fee:**
* 3 Euro (for individuals aged 6 and above)

**Registration Link**

Saalbau Griesheim
Schwarzerlenweg 57,
65933 Frankfurt am Main

Looking forward to seeing all our Indian friends and their international companions at the food festival for a delightful experience.

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