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MKG Membership

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Suspension of Membership Clause
1. Purpose
This clause outlines the conditions and procedures under which a member of Marathi Katta Germany e.V. may have their membership suspended.

2. Grounds for Suspension
In general, the core team of Marathi Katta Germany e.V. reserves the right suspend the membership of any member. Membership in Marathi Katta Germany e.V may be suspended for any of the following reasons:

  • Violation of the organization's bylaws, rules, or policies.

  • Any conflicting activities in direct competition of Marathi Katta Germany e.V’s core activities.

  • Actions that are detrimental to the mission or reputation of the organization.

  • Non-payment of dues or fees, if applicable.

  • Unethical or illegal behavior.

  • Abusive or inappropriate behavior

3. Suspension Process
3.1 Initiation: A suspension process can be initiated by a written complaint submitted to the core team by any member or officer of the organization. The suspension process can also be initiated if the core team takes cognizance of breach
of any of points above

3.2 Review: The Core team will review the complaint within 2 weeks to determine if there is sufficient cause for suspension.

3.3 Notification: If the Core team determines that there is sufficient cause, the member in question will be notified in writing. This notification will include:

  • The reason(s) for the proposed suspension.

4. Reinstatement
A suspended member may apply for reinstatement after new membership cycle begins.


5. Appeals

A member may appeal the suspension decision within 14 days of receiving the decision. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the Core Team, outlining the reasons for the appeal. The Board will review the appeal and issue a final decision within next 14 days.

6. Confidentiality
All proceedings related to the suspension of membership will be conducted in a confidential manner to protect

the privacy of the member and the integrity of the organisation.

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